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✅ What about the MOTUS EQI offerings?

  Some Questions   Is it true: Only one CA EQI product treats HOAs as commercial entities? Will other companies follow this lead? What is the advantage of this for HOAs? What about the MOTUS EQI offerings? ▶ After seeing the trouble that California condo associations and owners faced, Motus Insurance Services brought together a team of the state’s most respected earthquake insurers and condo insurance specialists to create the Motus Opt-in Master Earthquake Program. This new direct-to-consumer earthquake insurance program allows all condo owners to fully protect their homes from earthquake damage while taking advantage of the same great rates available for master earthquake insurance policies. Motus is able to bring this solution to consumers because it worked with the California Department of Insurance to remove the barriers that prevented individual owners from buying into the same insurance coverage available to homeowners’ associations, which offers far more comprehensive coverage

✅ Who is Lucy Jones?

Throughout the posts of this site, shared content includes a number of podcast features of Lucile M. Jones , a seismologist and public voice for earthquake science and earthquake safety in California. One of the foremost and trusted public authorities on earthquakes, Jones is viewed by many in Southern California as the "seismologist-next-door," who is frequently sourced to provide information on recent earthquakes. The Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society was founded in 2016 by Dr. Jones after more than three decades of public service as a seismologist with the US Geological Survey.  Its mission is to activate the use of science in the creation of more resilient communities. Wikipedia SLIDESHOW Southern California Earthquake Data Center

✅ Epilog: What is the reason so few HOA and condo communities purchase EQI?

  A question and post from the distant past (circa 2011), but the answers given are still relevant today.  See LINK HERE SOURCE : Property Management Professionals (“PMP”) was founded in 2008 with a vision for a fresh approach to community management, focused on extraordinary customer care and a proactive, value-added management style that has come to define our organization. After working with the association management industry for nearly a decade, PMP founders knew that there was an opportunity to revolutionize the association management industry. By combining Fortune 500 corporation experience and work ethics with a boutique firm mentality, PMP truly offers a different experience for Board Member and resident clients. Made up of industry leaders from some of the nation’s most respected builders, developers, accounting firms, mortgage escrow companies, and community management firms, PMP has the most diverse and seasoned team of professionals in the industry. Our team’s unique prof



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