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✅ Disney Announces Planned Community in Rancho Mirage

  Disney Announces Planned Community in Rancho Mirage Imagine? Disney as a developer, operator of HOAs (planned communities) About an hour’s drive east of Temescal Valley, corporate Disney will be coming to Rancho Mirage in the form of a planned housing community, it was announced 12.16.22. ||| The first "Storyliving by Disney'' community will be built in Rancho Mirage under the name "Cotino," the company said. At each Storyliving community, Disney cast members will operate the community association and provide access to curated experiences including wellness programming, entertainment, and seminars. According to officials, Disney Imagineers will work alongside developers and homebuilders to execute each community's creative concept. Since Temescal Valley and much of California is largely home of common interest developments, homeowner associations (aka HOAs), we know that the standard formula is for developers to eventually turn

✅Florida Signals HOA Maintenance Issues for California, All of the HOA World

“In this week's tip, we discuss the maintenance and inspection requirements recommended in a new report issued by a grand jury seeking to prevent a repeat of the collapse of the Champlain Towers South condo in Surfside, Fla.” [ SOURCE ] Many of the grand jury's suggestions are specific to Florida law , but some could be adopted in other states. Among those are: * Requiring board members to certify that they've had regular and routine maintenance of all components affecting the structural integrity of the building within the past 12 months * Creating a new specific duty of inspection to be imposed on board members, including that inspections and repairs be performed every 10 years Could those recommendations be adopted in Florida, and do they even make sense for other condo boards nationwide ? Since Surfside, Lisa Magill, of counsel based in Pompano Beach, Fla., Kaye, Bender & Rembaum, has been involved in industry efforts to evaluate ways to strengthen building mainten



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