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✅A home by any other name (condo of townhome)?

Definition of condo ||| : CONDOMINIUM sense 3: such as a: a unit in a multiunit structure (such as an apartment building) or on land owned in common (such as a town house complex) Definition of townhome ||| US : a house that has two or three levels and that is attached to a similar house by a shared wall : TOWN HOUSE sense 1 Thanks to the source, these definitions are circular and almost identical, right? Clarity of these definitions has become a burning question in the neighborhood of Cobblestone Canyon, Trilogy Glen Ivy, a 170-homeowner enclave with a larger 1317-homeowner association (HOA) in the central Temescal Valley, south of Corona 92883 and east of the sprawling, rugged wilderness of the Cleveland National Forest. It is that forest area, and risk of wildfires, that prompted the redefinition of these dwellings from condos to townhomes.  In November 2021, homeowners were notified of the cancelation of their collective fire insuranc

✅Fair Plan: CA property (fire) insurance answer to carrier cancelations

#socialcurrentsee leads today to introduce Fair Plan, a program that provides basic home insurance co Michael & Dee Dee Foxworth ▶ TriloGi® bloggers since 2011 @ #socialcurrentsee   leads today to introduce Fair Plan , a program that provides basic home insurance coverage to high-risk residents who are unable to get covered by standard insurers. Homes in wildfire-prone areas and older residences in need of updates might be considered high-risk properties. If you have a history of frequent claims or a poor credit score, you may also be considered high risk by insurance companies. The topic of property fire insurance came with recent urgency because our HOA community at the base of the sprawling Cleveland National Forest in Temescal Valley received a fire insurance cancelation notice of nonrenewal beginning in mid-November. The notice causes particular alarm a



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