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✅ Aftershocks and after affects (Northridge reprised)

  The 1994 Northridge, California earthquake has proven to be one of the most costly disasters in United States history. Anyone in California (or the world for that matter) cannot possibly study the history and effects of earthquakes without exploring the shocks and aftershocks of the infamous Northridge earthquake.  Now the retrospective of 27 years ago is more relevant than ever because the Golden State of 40+ million is never about to forget January 17, 1994. “Federal and state assistance programs received some 681,000 applications from victims for various forms of relief. In spite of the flow of US$11 billion in federal assistance into Los Angeles and Ventura (CA) counties, many victims have failed to obtain adequate relief. “These unmet needs relate to the vulnerability of particular classes and ethnic groups. In response to unmet needs, several non‐governmental organizations (NGOs) have become involved in the recovery process.  “Based on evidence collected from hundreds of in‐dep

✅ MOTUS WEBINAR for Cobblestone Canyon, Tuesday, March 9, 6:30 pm.

 TGMA (our HOA board) has enrolled in the MOTUS EARTHQUAKE INSURANCE PROGRAM. This voluntary program gives the opportunity to OPT-IN to a new type of earthquake insurance (EQI) for condo owners.  Again, the program is not mandatory. Look for details coming via an e-mail blast. ▶ Go to and use the code “TGV883” ▶ SEE EMAIL FOR INSTRUCTIONS

✅ TGMA Board Approves CDRC MOTUS Motion

The TGMA Board unanimously (5-0 vote) approves a $1,250 annual expenditure that allows the rollout of Cobblestone community webinars by MOTUS Insurance, Inc., to educate condo (only) homeowners about the voluntary (opt-in or out) offerings for earthquake insurance. Webinar (online) meetings are coming to explain this program, which is entirely voluntary and will not raise HOA fees.  By the way, at the same meeting, the TGMA Board also approved the 2021-22 budget with no dues increases. ▶ Most of the “Frequently Asked Questions” about MOTUS are answered on their website at this page ▶ FAQ   ▶ SEARCH this topic and related issues at ▶  



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