✅ Major HOA Disaster Recovery Timeline (Process and Projections)

LINK  ▶ PDF We are only able to evaluate the COBBLESTONE subscriptions to earthquake insurance (EQI any form) when the data about enrollments from MOTUS arrives back to the HOA after the April 10 deadline for this enrollment period.   But, in the end, a minority of residents will have made this purchase. If an event happens in the near future, the loss assessment aspect of this will determine how well the risk management factor plays out. One sure factor will be in play: Who among the uninsured or underinsured will decide to stay and how will that affect the disaster recovery timeline? Likely, this will take years. If so, the loss of use coverage may be most critical. After a major disaster for any community, particularly and HOA community, the timeline for recovery is unpredictable and is likely to be prolonged for a variety of reasons, some of which are identified in the chart below. When was the last time you witnessed your HOA fast-tracking a project that required extensive legal c

✅ SEARCH: HOA condos as commercial properties

Within Cobblestone Canyon Trilogy Glen Ivy, the news that the 170 condos are actually commercial buildings came as a certain shock to homeowners.  Part of the reason for this naivete for this subject is that niether the HOAs or the realtors who sell or manage these condo communities are offering full disclosure about the commercial status of residential condominiums in here or maybe throughout California. Normally, the commercial status makes little difference, but for the consideration of disaster recovery and insurance coverage for such, this commercial status is both formative and formidable.  See the search below for additional information. When you change the way you find things the things you find change

✅ Check the sign watchers of SocialCurrentSee®

Predicting the unpredictable? (SEE related post) WARNING: Strong earthquake is likely near Los Angeles and San Diego during the next 24 hours and then 6.0 earthquake is possible in Northern California during the next 72 hours - most likely 03/29 to 03/30 - — EarthquakePrediction (@Quakeprediction) March 27, 2021 When you change the way you find things, the things you find change Lucile M. Jones (born 1955) is a seismologist and public voice for earthquake science and earthquake safety in California. One of the foremost and trusted public authorities on earthquakes, Jones is viewed by many in Southern California as the "seismologist-next-door," who is frequently called up on to provide information on recent earthquakes. She is currently a research associate at the Seismological Laboratory at Caltech and chief scientist and founder of the Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society. She was previously at the US Geological S

✅ California Shakin’ 24March21 Webinar with Dr. Lucy Jones

Those who have been following the topic, may be interested in this upcoming ZOOM meeting by California CalTech seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones. Lucile M. Jones is a seismologist and public voice for earthquake science and earthquake safety in California. One of the foremost and trusted public authorities on earthquakes, Jones is viewed by many in Southern California as the "seismologist-next-door," who is frequently called up on to provide information on recent earthquakes. ▶ LINK

✅ Recent Earthquakes Near Lake Elsinore, CA 92883

Image   In this weekly broadcast, Dr. Jones shares how the world works, why you might feel the way you do about a particular disaster, and how you can manage the chaos around you that is real life. The topics range from earthquakes to other disasters that affect people, as well as the history of science and big disasters, and how through understanding why, we are more able to manage it and be more successful at “getting through it.” Tweets by DrLucyJones SUBSCRIBE

✅ The Big One We Missed?

WHICH STORY IS IN HERE? Strong earthquake is likely NW of Los Angeles during the next 24 hours. - 03/06 to 03/07 - — EarthquakePrediction (@Quakeprediction) March 7, 2021 You might have missed or little-noticed the above social media tweet regarding a big seismic event predicted for Southern California during the past several days (March 6-7). Perhaps the only thing that specific earthquake predictions tell us is that you can’t predict the timing of earthquakes. Scientists say don't be fooled by a website that claims to predict earthquakes via @flipboard — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) March 9, 2021 David Nabhan is an advocate who has been calling for the creation of an earthquake warning system for the US West Coast for the last two decades. He proposes an informal scheme whereby newspapers might publish higher probability advisories for elevated risks—and has taken that controversial debate public in man

✅ Aftershocks and after affects (Northridge reprised)

  The 1994 Northridge, California earthquake has proven to be one of the most costly disasters in United States history. Anyone in California (or the world for that matter) cannot possibly study the history and effects of earthquakes without exploring the shocks and aftershocks of the infamous Northridge earthquake.  Now the retrospective of 27 years ago is more relevant than ever because the Golden State of 40+ million is never about to forget January 17, 1994. “Federal and state assistance programs received some 681,000 applications from victims for various forms of relief. In spite of the flow of US$11 billion in federal assistance into Los Angeles and Ventura (CA) counties, many victims have failed to obtain adequate relief. “These unmet needs relate to the vulnerability of particular classes and ethnic groups. In response to unmet needs, several non‐governmental organizations (NGOs) have become involved in the recovery process.  “Based on evidence collected from hundreds of in‐dep

✅ MOTUS WEBINAR for Cobblestone Canyon, Tuesday, March 9, 6:30 pm.

 TGMA (our HOA board) has enrolled in the MOTUS EARTHQUAKE INSURANCE PROGRAM. This voluntary program gives the opportunity to OPT-IN to a new type of earthquake insurance (EQI) for condo owners.  Again, the program is not mandatory. Look for details coming via an e-mail blast. ▶ Go to and use the code “TGV883” ▶ SEE EMAIL FOR INSTRUCTIONS

✅ TGMA Board Approves CDRC MOTUS Motion

The TGMA Board unanimously (5-0 vote) approves a $1,250 annual expenditure that allows the rollout of Cobblestone community webinars by MOTUS Insurance, Inc., to educate condo (only) homeowners about the voluntary (opt-in or out) offerings for earthquake insurance. Webinar (online) meetings are coming to explain this program, which is entirely voluntary and will not raise HOA fees.  By the way, at the same meeting, the TGMA Board also approved the 2021-22 budget with no dues increases. ▶ Most of the “Frequently Asked Questions” about MOTUS are answered on their website at this page ▶ FAQ   ▶ SEARCH this topic and related issues at ▶  

✅ Next step is in the Board motion of 2.2.21

Next to happen regarding an official action to allow Cobblestone homeowners to participate in upcoming webinars (online meetings) to learn about the MOTUS Insurance earthquake coverage options is consideration by the TGMA Board to accept the motion of the Cobblestone Canyon Disaster Recovery Committee. This happens on Feb. 2, per the agenda above.

✅ What makes CA homeowners so apathetic about EQI?

COBBLESTONE CANYON ★ ★ * TRILOPEDIA ® is designed, in a way, after the popular site WIKIPEDIA, but dedicated to education and information about a specific community, Trilogy Glen Ivy (TGI) and Cobblestone Canyon, the condominium section within TGI.  Trilogy Glen Ivy is a 1317-unit homeowner association (HOA) in the Temescal Valley of Southern California 92883.  This archive is a site created by and for members of the Cobblestone Disaster Recovery Committee who are introduced in the content below. The site is maintained by the this group separate from the TGMA Board and management, but the group was and is chartered by TGMA. Cobblestone Canyon (CID) is a condominium community, subdivision of Trilogy Glen Ivy (TGI), a homeowner association (HOA) in the Temescal Valley of Southern California. Cobblestone is one of six neighborhoods within TGI, aka the TGMA, or Trilogy GlenIvy Maintenance Association. The community is off of Interstate 15 about halfway

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  What Is a Homeowner Association (HOA)? While there are a limited number of subjects archived on this site around the general title of condominium disaster recovery in a specific California neighborhood, the SEARCH   options return content links within the site and from a host of chosen external sources.  Explore both of these SEARCH features to gain the full benefit of TRILOPEDIA .  Amplified content also here details in NARRATIVE form this entire research of the Cobblestone Disaster Recovery issue.  Also provided is a preview of the popular CONDOMINIUM BLUEBOOK 2021 by author Branden E. Bickel.  Finally, also archived here is valuable resource PDF of the   2019 DAVIS-STIRLING  COMMON INTEREST DEVELOPMENT ACT , republished by the law firm Epsten Grinnell & Howell. ▶ SLIDESHOW

✅ For disaster recovery today or in the future, what are the options to pay recovery costs?

What is disaster recovery ?   Why do governments treat HOAs as commercial entities rather than residential? Given that reality, are all other types insurance quotes for HOAs treated accordingly? Does a commercial-rate policy cost less than residential? For disaster recovery today or in the future, what are the options to pay recovery costs? ▶ Fire insurance is already provided to Cobblestone Canyon by the HOA and the premium is paid out of condo dues.  But flood insurance and earthquake insurance is not now provided. If steps to disaster recovery are required, current reserve funds would barely provide a downpayment to cover those costs, at least the costs of a major disaster, so Cobblestone homeowners could expect emergency assessments. Fire insurance with regard to earthquakes would only apply if a fire is prompted by an earthquake. Regarding an emergency assessment, loss assessment coverage may mitigate all or some of the emergency assessment which, like earthquakes, is totally un

✅ What is the earthquake issue that is different for condos versus single-family homes?

  RECOVERY in Emergency Management   What percentage of single-family homeowners in the HOA have EQI today? What if a minority of condo owners choose EQI? Is there a EQI plan that is optional, not mandatory? What is the earthquake issue that is different for condos versus single-family homes?  ▶ Whatever your opinions about HOAs, property management by associations, and/or governmental agencies that write the rules and conditions about how HOAs function, you probably fit into one of three categories when it comes to finding answers for the premise questions of this presentation.  Those homeowner categories are:  1) Those who eager to find assurance (even insurance) in disaster recovery planning and want intervention to get that done (Trilogy1) 2) Those who are content with matters as they now stand and wish to maintain the status quo (Trilogy2) 3) Those who need more information about technicalities that remain unknown or unresolved (Trilogy3) Homeownership within an HOA, today’s most

✅ What is the most common homeowner insurance policy for condos and its drawbacks?

When you change the way you find things, the things you find change Property Insurance Risk Recovery SEARCH ▶ TRILOPEDIA.COM This site is primarily a SEARCH and archive tool for Trilogy Glen Ivy, Cobblestone Canyon to provide details about the disaster recovery issue. Use the search pages to find any related topic. Speaking for   What does the standard HO-6 policy cover? Why is not basic EQI included in HO-6? Lenders require liability coverage, why not EQI?   What is the most common homeowner insurance policy for condos and its drawbacks?   ▶ Common-interest development (CID) is the fastest growing form of housing in the world today. They include condominiums, community apartments, planned developments, and stock cooperatives. The ownership benefits of a CID are having rights to an undivided interest in common areas and amenities which might prove to be too expensive to be solely owned. But those who buy into CIDs soon learn the depth andd breadth of what they have in co

✅ What is the history of EQI for Trilogy Glen Ivy Cobblestone?

HISTORY OF EQI HERE   Was EQI for Cobblestone Canyon once prohibited by the community CC&Rs? How, when did this change? Who (alone) may now vote to add EQI? What is the history of EQI for Trilogy Glen Ivy Cobblestone?  ▶ The creator and author of TRILOPEDIA may attest to nearly a decade of residence (since November 2011) in Cobblestone Canyon as a first-time life experience living in a condominium.  Virtually from the beginning of the relocation to Trilogy Glen Ivy, the issue of disaster recovery for the community has been a common topic.  Perhaps this had something to do with the escrow documents that came with the condo purchase.  That is, the escrow papers expressly prohibited Cobblestone condo owners from the purchase of earthquake insurance for the individual units. Beginning in 2011 (perhaps before), the TGMA Board of Directors started a review of the earthquake insurance issue for Cobblestone Canyon.  Most of the study transpired within executive session and a decision to pu

✅ CEA EQI policies have these limits for condos

  What about the $100K maximum building coverage? What are the deductible choices? How is the deductible factored with a claim?   CEA EQI policies have these limits for condos  ▶ Any condo owner who visits the California Earthquake Authority quotation request page for earthquake coverage learns that the maximum value for condo EQI is $100,000.  Currently, that is less than one-third of the typical resale value of a smaller downstairs Cobblestone condo as of year-end 2020.  That may be a problem.  Although, given the rule that it may take 50% of the typical home value to reconstruct the unit, the CEA limits may not be out-of-bounds.  One thinks, however, that the arbitrary limits on condos may have something to do with risk management by the CEA. CEA EQI policies have these limits for condos COVERAGE OPTIONS FOR HOMEOWNERS CEA earthquake insurance for homeowners allows you to choose between two policies: purchase all of your coverages together under one deductible, or choose to have se

✅ What is loss assessment, loss of use and how may these help condo owners mitigate EQ damage cost?

  If a condo owner does not have building coverage, should they at least have loss assessment? How much loss assessment coverage? How much loss of use coverage?   Loss assessment, loss of use, personal property  ▶ If you live in a home or condo that belongs to an HOA, you'll need loss assessment coverage to cover shared losses to common spaces on the HOA property. If a shared space within the HOA sustains damage, or if a guest has an accident in a common area and the association is held liable in court, your building or community’s HOA insurance, or “master” policy will cover the loss up to its coverage limits. If the claim amount exceeds those limits, HOA bylaws stipulate that each member be assessed and pay an equal share of the leftover loss amount. Loss assessment coverage is an optional endorsement that you can add onto your homeowners insurance or condo insurance policy. It helps protect you if you live in a shared community, like a condo or homeowners association (HOA), when



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